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Digital Media Marketing Trends

As we entered in 2019, digital media marketing is about to revolutionize drastically. Digital media market has generated a buzz in the global marketplace. The entire business sphere is converging on covering the giant hunk of new latent customers through advanced

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Custom Vs Pre Wordpress theme

The design and functionality of the WordPress website are associated with the theme used for it. You have to choose an impressive theme for your website which can boost the overall performance of it. WordPress comes with dozens of free

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This month I had the pleasure of speaking at High Ed Web in Grand Rapids. After my talk I sat in on Daniel Spillers’ presentation where he discussed the University of Arkansas Little Rock’s usage of custom post types. While

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A website built following the philosophy of progressive enhancement will be usable by anyone on any device, using any browser. It all begins with embracing the concept of experience as a continuum, as Aaron Gustafson explains in this chapter from

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When you hear the word Web Design, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Pretty, attractive, color scheme? It’s very common for people to think of a website as a form of art online. In essence, web design is

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To attract sales and get your business off the ground, you’ll want to market your brand, product or services. And for that you’ll need a custom logo design. A fully functional and navigable website too. High-quality content that you can

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